Have you ever taken a bath or being in a swimming pool allowing your body to sink further and further until your head is fully submerged?

How does it feel?

I think most of us have at some point in our lives, and although it can seem daunting and scary for some there is a sense of peace and tranquility underneath the surface. Well this is how I best describe my 2019 sabbatical leave, a terribly necessary break and isolation from the physical and mental demand of everyday life and running the brand.
As much as I love what I do and will never ever quit, I had to take a step back to look after my physical and mental well being which towards the end of 2018 had been completely decimated. 2019 was my year of complete isolation, re-valuation, evolution and transformation. It felt like being underwater where everything is silenced, all noise, demand and distraction muffled as I'm left alone with my thoughts. There is a beautiful peace that comes with quieting the storm.

Little did we all know 2020 would be a worldwide mandatory sabatical from life.
We were all called to isolation.
As challenging as it has been for all, there is a silver lining in being able to slow right down, rest and shift our focus to what really counts and is important to each and every one of us.
My extended period of isolation has helped me to not only heal and recuperate but has been incredibly beneficial for the brand.

I have learnt to cut out all the noise and demands of what I should or shouldn't be doing by the worlds standards and has sharpened my focus on what I do best. I have evolved underwater - my vision has sharpened and my goals clear. The rejuvenating power of life giving water has inspired the next phase of the brand and the new collection.

Water your life, look after you.


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